Our mission

One of the founding principles for all of crypto is independence, sovereignty, and freedom to make decisions on the what, the how, the when, and the where of an investment. This is something that definitely resonates with us. We want to give users the benefits of traditional world real estate investing - stability, consistency, utility and independence of market sentiments - while at the same time leveraging blockchain to provide complete sovereignty for users over what they own.
Our mission is to combine the world of digital assets with the world of brick and mortar, real-world assets. Additionally, at a time of high volatility of digital currency pricing, we have created a “safe haven” for investors, a way to diversify their portfolios by adding an element based on one of the largest asset classes in the world, which is also considered to be the most stable.
We have created a platform and a product that will essentially bridge the gap between the traditional market and the digital world - grounding crypto into tangible assets, not just mirroring or following them, in order to increase security and make real estate accessible to everyone no matter where in the world they were from and what resources they had at their disposal.