Wallet verification

First of all, you need to have a Terra Station wallet. If you don't have one yet, visit https://docs.terra.money/docs/learn/terra-station/download/terra-station-desktop.html and follow the instructions provided there.
Note: You can choose whether to install the Terra Station mobile app, desktop app or the Chrome extension. For the purpose of this guide, we will use Terra Station mobile as an example.
Step 1. Start by logging into your account on https://terraland.io if you are not yet logged in.
Step 2. Proceed by clicking Connect wallet on the bottom left of the user portal.
Step 3. Click on Terra Station mobile.
Step 4. Scan the QR code on your Terra Station mobile app, and click allow.
Step 5. Once completed, your wallet should be connected. Where you previously saw Connect wallet on the user portal, you should now see your wallet address.
Step 6. Click on My profile.
Step 7. Click Verify your wallet in the top right of the screen.
Step 8. Click Add your Terra wallet.
Step 9. Give your wallet a name, and provide your wallet address. This should be the address you would like to use throughout the Terra Land platform. Click add wallet.
Step 10. Click Verify my wallet. Make sure your Terra Station Mobile app is open, as you will need to accept in real time. Make sure you have some funds, as verification uses a minimal amount of $UST in the transaction (usually a few cents). This is just tax from the Terra Station’s side.
Step 11. First, click sign on your Terra Station Mobile app. Afterwards, you need to click allow (if you receive an error code 400 on Terra Land website, you will need to try again).
Tip: Try to click allow once, and let the mobile app proceed, as it may be a bit slow.
Step 12. Once successful, the user portal should display a green check mark next to your wallet.
Remember to verify your account on the blockchain! To do so, click the "Verify on blockchain" button in the "My profile" tab.