TLAND token has number of different utilities, uses and links to the Terra Land platform. The TLAND token itself, at this moment, is not exchangeable for Real Property Tokens.
You will need TLAND token for:


TLAND token can be staked - either in Liquidity Pool Staking or Single Asset Staking - for additional rewards. You can read more about the benefits of staking in the intended articles.
Loan Farming
You need TLAND tokens as collateral to take out a loan using our Loan Farming protocol.
Property On Demand
In order to get access to Property on Demand TLAND tokens are also required.
Short-term Rent
In the near future, once we have built a large and geographically diversified portfolio of attractive properties, users will be able to visit our properties via short-term rent for TLAND tokens.
We are constantly developing more utilities for the TLAND token, so the list above may grow in time.