How to buy TLAND

You can buy TLAND directly on the Terra Land platform.
To do so, visit and on the left sidebar menu select TLAND Token and then Trade.
You can also use the direct link:
Remember to connect your wallet!
To buy TLAND you will need UST. Under the Buy tab (1), in UST Input (2) enter the amount of UST you want to spend on TLAND.
The form will automatically convert this value to TLAND in TLAND Output (3).
Note: If you do not have enough UST on your wallet the "Balance exceeded" message will appear under the UST Input.
Then choose Slippage Tolerance (4). Slippage Tolerance allows you to set the percentage of your order's transaction value that you think is an acceptable slippage cost for you.
Every transaction comes with a fee. Make sure to have enough UST on your wallet to cover it.
Trading Fee (5) is the commission charged by Terra Land on the transactions concluded on the platform.
Est Tx Fee (6) is the estimated transaction fee for transactions carried out on the Terra blockchain.
When you are ready to buy your TLAND tokens, click Swap (7) and confirm the transaction on your Terra Station wallet.
You can add the TLAND token to your Terra Station wallet to see your balance.
On the Terra Station app click Add tokens in the Wallet tab.
To add the TLAND token to the Terra Station wallet use the TLAND token address: terra1r5506ckw5tfr3z52jwlek8vg9sn3yflrqrzfsc