TOKEN ADDRESS: terra1r5506ckw5tfr3z52jwlek8vg9sn3yflrqrzfsc
The native TLAND token is one of the two tokens provided by the Terra Land project - next to the Real Property Token (RPT). The TLAND is a deflationary token, where the equivalent of 1% of all properties sold by Terra Land, will go towards buying and burning the TLAND token off the open market. Additionally, 50% of the fees from secondary market trading will be dedicated to buying and burning the TLAND token from the open market. Moreover, extra burning sessions will be held from time to time from surplus revenue.
We have arranged TLAND tokenomics in a way that will allow us to build the value of the token for the long term while limiting significant fluctuations in the exchange rate, and above all, approach each group of token holders fairly. Let's talk numbers:
  • The total supply of TLAND tokens is 100,000,000;
  • The price listing is 0.10 $UST;
  • The initial circulation supply is 6.250.000 TLANDs;
  • The initial market cap is 625,000 $UST.
TLAND Total Supply
The largest group in the tokenomics statement is the TREASURY pool, which is indefinitely locked in the smart contract. It accounts for as much as 25% of the Total Supply. We can call it a strategic reserve, or safety reserve. Unlocking tokens from this pool can be done only with the consent of the Tlanders community through governance and is to be used in case of unforeseen emergency situations.
The TEAM pool represents 17% of the Total Supply, and these are tokens dedicated to the creators and employees of Terra Land. Team tokens will only be released after a 6-month cliff post-Token Generation Event (TGE) and will be released daily on a pro-rata basis for 18 months.
COMMUNITY INCENTIVES is a pool representing 13% of the Total Supply, and is intended to be used to pay TLAND stakers for both LP staking and Single Asset staking. Staking bonuses will be paid for 36 months from TGE.
PRIVATE SALE accounts for 14% of TS. 10% of the tokens are released to Private pool investors at the time of TGE, while the rest will be released after a one month cliff for 9 months, proportionally each day.
The Private pool has been distributed among entities and individuals that have been carefully selected for buying into the longterm vision and who’ve had and will continue to provide a real impact on the development of the project and its visibility. Additionally, these are people who have been recommended by partner projects as investors who treat this type of investment as a once in a lifetime opportunity! Private sale in numbers:
Number of portfolios participating in the Private Sale: 162
Average allocation amount: approx. 7800 $UST
Highest allocation: 100k $UST (single event)
IDO PUBLIC SALE represents 10% of TS, 20% of the pool will be released at the moment of TGE, the rest is released for 6 months proportionally every day. IDO will be conducted on 2 platforms: StarTerra (800k $UST) and Subme (100k $UST).
DEVELOPMENT FUND is a pool constituting 5% of TS, after 3 months from TGE will be released for 36 months proportionally every day. These are tokens that remain in the company and are dedicated to the development of the Terra Land project.
ADVISORS is a pool of 4% TS, released after one month from TGE for 12 months on a pro-rata basis every day. These tokens are the compensation of the team advisors for their work and assistance on the Terra Land project.
LIQUIDITY represents 5% of the TS. 35% of the total pool will be used to fund the liquidity pool on TerraSwap. The remainder will be used as needed for other DEX or CEX exchanges.
AIRDROP, for which we have allocated 1% TS. Details of token distribution from this pool will be available on our Social Media.