KYC process

Completing the KYC procedure is crucial to getting access to purchasing properties on the Terra Land platform.
KYC is required due to the legal provisions provided by UE. Step 1. Proceed to
Step 2. Click Log In on the top right of the screen. Use your email address and password created to log in.
Step 3. On the left sidebar click on My Profile.
Step 4. On the right side click on Verify your account.
Click the Verify your account button
Step 5. Click on I accept all consents
Step 6. Select the country of the Proof of Identity document you will be using.
Step 7. Select the ID Type that will be using.
Step 8. Choose to either use your mobile device for identity verification by clicking on show QR code (1), or click continue on this device (2) below to use your devices camera. The following process is similar in both instances.
Step 13. Watch the quick video on how to take good photos of your ID such that it is easier to verify. When ready, click continue. You might have to give your device permission to use your camera, click allow.
Step 14. Present your ID card to the camera to take a photo of your ID card, such that the face is fully visible, and all text is legible. Press take photo. Press continue. You may be prompted to take a photo of the reverse side of your ID too. In that case, take a photo of the back and then press continue.
Step 15. Watch the quick video on how to take photos of your face to allow the KYC program to match that with the ID photo you have taken. Click continue when ready.
Step 16. Present your face to the camera, ensuring it fully encompasses the oval shape. Follow the instructions provided on the screen, and take a photo. When it is taken, you will be instructed to move closer, and the oval on the screen will expand. This is a second photo that needs to be taken for the ID matching.
Step 17. You will be next prompted to provide your phone number and email address for the purpose of verifying and pairing you to those accounts. Make sure you have access to both your phone number and email.
Step 18. You will receive a code to your phone number, and a code to your email. Provide both codes to the website and click verify your code.
Step 19. Once finished, the website will redirect you to your portal. Click on my profile. Your account may either show account verified or waiting for verification. In the latter case you will have to simply wait for the verification process to complete.