Single Asset Staking

You can stake TLAND tokens in Single Asset Staking (SAS) to get a reward in additional TLAND tokens.

Top 50 Single Asset Stakers

For the top 50 Single Asset Stakers (SAS) there are more rewards:
Rewards from Diamond Hands Program - 12,5% of the tax revenue will be distributed proportionally to the amount staked, against the sum of all top 50 SAS;

How to stake TLAND in Single Asset Staking?

From the left sidebar menu select the TLAND Token tab and choose Staking SA.
Make sure you have your wallet connected!
Put the amount of TLAND that you want to stake in the Stake Input box. Next, click the Stake button. Remember to confirm the transaction in your wallet.
You can unstake your staked TLAND tokens in the Unstake tab (it's next to the Stake tab). Remember about the 5 days unbonding period - you can unstake your TLAND tokens immediately (without waiting for the 5 days), but in that case, a fee of 5% will be charged.