How to participate

To participate in the fundraising you have to register on the Terra Land platform, verify your wallet and complete the KYC.
Property fundraisings are open for all fully verified users. If you are interested in acquiring the whole property for yourself (or for yourself and your friends) check the Property On Demand option.
Property fundraisings are held on the Terra Land platform (
You can see previous and current fundraisings in the Invest tab.
Select the property fundraising that is currently open and click the See full offer button.
Note: Make sure you are logged in and your wallet is connected.
Click the green Buy button at the bottom of the page.
Choose how much you want to invest and click the Invest now button.
Note: You can invest up to a maximum of 40% or the whole 100%.
Accept the terms and click the Sign Agreement button.
Note: Remember to confirm the transaction in your Terra Station wallet.
You can see your investments in the My Investments tab.
Last modified 11mo ago